Progressive Bingo Games

Progressive Bingo Games Notes

Players who like the idea of winning their money back, or winning a big jackpot in a set odds game, will probably be interested in a progressive bingo game. The pots in these games can get very large, and if you don’t win on the first round or even the next, there’s always the chance that you will win on lucky number three.

What is a progressive bingo game? A progressive game is a 75 ball bingo game where only a set number of balls are called during play. The number of balls in a progressive game is usually set at 50; there are therefore 25 balls that will not be called at all. This gives players a good shot at winning, but at the same time means that there is a chance that no card will complete the designated pattern.

If no card purchased for the progressive game wins, the pot money is carried over to the next progressive game. This continues until eventually someone gets a bingo.

What if no one ever wins??? Although it is rare, there are occasions where round after round is played in a progressive bingo game without any winner. The jackpots are carried over, but the game can’t go on indefinitely. Most bingo halls and sites have some type of limit on the pot. Once that limit is reached, the number of balls called is increased by one or more each day until a winner is eventually declared.

Progressive bingo games are played on several standard bingo games as well as their variations. The growing pot will usually end up attracting more players as the game goes on, which means that the odds of winning are decreased. Often a casino will allow players to purchase a bonus bingo game in conjunction with a progressive bingo game.
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