Pre Called Bingo Games

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Pre Called Bingo Games Notes

Pre called bingo games are probably the biggest gambling version of bingo that there is. The name of the game is risk and chance, and the game does not have any of the building tension that comes with regular styles of bingo play.

The method: In standard bingo, balls are mixed in a blower and then roll out of the machine and then called by a caller to the players. There’s a level of rising tension that accompanies the process as each person gets closer to the object of the game, whichever variation they are playing.

In pre called bingo games, though, the number of balls that are dropped and the numbers themselves are all determined before the players get their cards. There are usually between 40 and 60 numbers called before hand. The pattern that will win the game is also determined beforehand.

Winning: Winning a pre called bingo game is really and truly Lady Luck at work. Unlike regular bingo, players of this variant buy sealed cards. Players can’t see the numbers on these cards until they break the seal, so they are essentially buying a chance to win on luck alone.

Prizes: The payout on pre called bingo games is higher than other types of bingo, as cards tend to sell out, there is only one winner, and in fact there might not be any winner at all. In the last case, the game might become progressive, with the unclaimed money added to the next pot. Payouts can be anywhere from 20 to 1000 times the cost of the sealed card.

Pre called bingo games are the most exacting of any variations on bingo, and are great for players who want a really quick chance at winning. There are even variations on this variation, where some but not all numbers are pre called, allowing players that extra bit of fun tension that only bingo can bring. Another version of a pre determined bingo game is an odd even bingo game, which is explained in another article.

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