Online Bingo Game Myths

Online Bingo Games And The Myths That Surround Them

Mary Weber

online bingo gameAs in any gambling game, there are many online bingo game myths abounding. While these are mainly surrounding the type of people who play online bingo, some of these myths are centered on the security of online bingo.

Players should be aware of these myths, as they need to be able to make informed decisions before they believe rumors they may have heard.

Online Bingo Myth 1: Only un-employed people play online bingo.

Recent surveys have shown that the online bingo market is primarily full-time employed women between the ages of 25 and 50. The majority of these players play online bingo for relaxation and entertainment after a day at the office. There is, however, a small percentage of players who do not work.

Online Bingo Myth 2: People who play online do not play land-based bingo.

Most online players also play at bingo halls or churches. The majority of bingo players do not play only to win, they see the game as a social activity. Many play online bingo games on a daily basis, while they generally only play land-based bingo once a week. It is also often easier for players to play from the comfort of their homes.

Online Bingo Myth 3: Players who win all the time have ‘beaten the system’.

Players who win a lot often buy many cards and play a lot of games. They usually make bigger deposits as well, to ensure that their accounts are funded. Online bingo is a game of chance, and aside from buying more cards and playing often, there are no sure ways to win bingo.

Online Bingo Myth 4: Online bingo is a security risk.

Almost every online bingo site has specialized programs to ensure that all transactions are secure. Payment software such as NETeller allows players to make deposits without putting their financial details at risk. Advanced technology ensures that online bingo is as safe as land-based bingo.

Online Bingo Myth 5: Online bingo has no social benefits.

While players may not get drinks and snacks when they play at online bingo sites, they can still meet fellow players. Features like schedule buying options and chat features enable players to spend time chatting, as they do not need to call bingo on their cards. Chat has become an integral part of online bingo, and players get to know one another really well.

The reality of online bingo games is that it is just as much of an experience as land-based bingo, in fact it has even more to offer as players can play from home. It offers something for everyone.

Mary Weber has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. She has written many original articles for the website including an article dealing with online bingo myths.