Odd Even Bingo Games

Odd Even Bingo Games Notes

odd even bingo gamesIf you’re looking for a fun variation on standard 75 ball bingo, then you might want to sit in on an odd even bingo game. Like regular bingo, the pattern that will win you the pot is determined beforehand; it could be letter X, letter T, picnic table, four corners, or the old diagonal, horizontal, or vertical standby.

The trick with odd even bingo is that only numbers that are odd or even are called, with the exact method determined by the hall or site you are playing at.

Pre-selection in 90 ball: Odd even bingo game variations occur in both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. One variant in 90 ball is for players to select three odd or even numbers between one and ninety. When a player has all three numbers called, they call (or type in the case of online bingo) ODD or EVEN.

Pre selection in 75 ball: In 75 ball bingo, whether or not the numbers called in an odd even bingo game are determined by the hall or the site rather than the players. There are a few ways of doing this.

Total pre-called: In a total game, it’s decided beforehand not only that the winning card will have a pattern of all odd or all even games, but all of the numbers are already called as well. Players buy sealed cards in this type of game rather than having the chance to select from a few based on visual scans.

First ball calls: In first ball calls odd even games, the first ball dropped will decide whether all the rest of the numbers are odd or even. If the first ball is odd, then only odd number lines on the pattern will win, and an even first ball means only even numbers are called.

It sucks if you are in a first ball calls odd even bingo game and you realize that any pattern you make has at least one number that is odd in an even game or even in an odd game. One way to give yourself a bit more of a shot at the pot in an odd even is to go in only if it is also a progressive bingo game.

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