Live And Online Bingo Differences

Differences Between Live and Online Bingo

There are many differences between live and online bingo but that hasn’t stopped thousands of bingo players moving from the live version of the game to the online game. In fact online bingo has now surpassed live bingo in the popularity stakes with hundreds of thousands of players logging on every week to try their luck playing bingo online.

The online games are full of players and as more and more players join the fun the prize pools and special deals available to online players are getting bigger and better. There are however differences between live and online bingo, so lets take a look at them.

Live Bingo Vs Online Bingo

Well, obviously live bingo is played at a bingo hall full of people where as online bingo is played via the internet. The simple fact that you have to go to a venue to play live bingo makes it very different from the online version of the game. Live bingo halls can be noisy, smokey and full of people.

When you play online bingo you play from the comfort of your own home which means there are none of the distractions that you would expect from a live bingo hall.

You will find many people saying that online bingo just isn’t as social as live bingo. This is true to some extent but online bingo halls have done their best to integrate the social aspect of things into the online game. All bingo sites have active chat boxes which run all the time including when the game is playing, this allows players to hold on to the social aspect of the game.

It isn’t the same as actually meeting up with your mates but it’s a close second. Plus there are many more people online to chat with and make friends with than there are in a live bingo hall.

One of the best things about online bingo is the variety it offers to bingo players. There are always both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games running plus online bingo sites will allow all players to play both casino games and slot machines as well as bingo. You might find the odd fruity down your local bingo hall but nothing like the selection of different games you get online. Having all the games in the same place is very convenient.

Online bingo will never be able to offer you the same experience as live bingo but live bingo will never be able to offer you the perks that come with online bingo. It’s impossible to say which is better because both versions of the game are enjoyable and fun. The chances are that if you like one form of the game then you are going to like the other as well.