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Combination Bingo Games Notes

Combination bingo is a great choice for any fan of bingo, regardless of the variation you prefer. This type of bingo offers you a chance to win at several types of bingo on just one card (and of course more than that for those of you who love to purchase a couple of different tickets to increase your chances). Let’s take a look at some of the basics of this variation.

Game play: Combination bingo is played with both the 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games. The 90 number game, in fact, is always a combination game which allows a player three chances to win.

90 ball bingo combination: There are three phases to 90 ball bingo. The first phase is the one line phase, in which players have to mark all the numbers in one horizontal line. The second phase is the two lines phase, where players mark two different lines. In order to win the final phase, a player must have a full house, or mark every number on their card.

75 ball combination bingo games: Combination bingo is a variation on the standard 75 ball bingo. Usually, a player wins a game of 75 ball by marking out a line diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. In a combination game, though, a player will have three or more chances to win. Generally, the first phase of the game is 4 corners bingo, where a player marks out each corner to win. Once a player has achieved this in a combination game, the next phase may be outside square, X, or standard play. The final phase of 75 ball combination is almost always a blackout game.

Winning: Combination bingo games award prizes at each stage of the game.

Prizes: Because there are a few chances to win, combination bingo games have smaller pots than any other variation, generally speaking.

In order to increase the pot prize in combination bingo games, many players opt for pre called bingo games. These games have a higher pot because they always sell out, and are played with sealed cards.

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