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Bonus Bingo Games Tips

Bonus bingo games are a great way to get a little extra action for the total bingo junkie. It’s easy to tell if you fit into this category, since you are probably sitting there with five or more cards in front of you, daubing furiously and just trying to keep up. Buying a bonus game gives you a shot at a little extra action and a lot more prize money, and you don’t have to keep track on all of your cards in order to win it.

What is a bonus bingo game?

Here’s something that you need to understand right away about bonus bingo: it’s not really a bingo game. Instead, it’s a little tidbit that a player buys usually based on a very specific event involving the balls called.

For example, some bonus bingo games operate with what is called an indicator number. The indicator number is dropped and called before the actual game commences, and everyone playing gets a look at it. When the indicator number is called during the play of the game, the next number up is the bonus ball. In order to win the pot, a player has to win the game (complete a line or combination) on the number called after the indicator.

Odds: As you may have guessed from that example, the odds of winning a bonus bingo game are very, very low because of how specific the rules are. When the bonus game is not won, the pot is carried over to the next game and so on. The pot in bonus games can become very large. Most halls and sites will set a maximum on the pot, after which the rules are changed (in the above case, no indicator ball is used) so that someone can win.

Bonus bingo games are often attached to combination bingo games, so it’s important to try and remember what the bonus was as well as keep focused on blocking out your combination numbers. It’s a good idea to hone your memory and focusing skills by playing a few free bingo games before going for the money.

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