Blackout Bingo | How To Play

Blackout Bingo Notes

Blackout bingo is a fun variation on the standard 75 ball bingo game. It is a version of the game that most people have at least a passing familiarity with because it’s played in venues from school fun fairs to online casinos to brick and mortar bingo halls (it’s also considered a valuable teaching tool for kids in school, learning about numbers, patterns, and co-ordination). Here is a basic round up of some of the essentials of blackout bingo.

The object of the game: There’s nothing too obscure when it comes to the object of a blackout game: you want to mark off every number on your card. That means that you will have to be lucky enough to have all 24 numbers dropped and called in order to win.

Time frame: A blackout bingo game takes longer to play than most other versions, since everyone is waiting for at least 24 numbers to be called and usually a lot more. It almost goes without saying that you can count on a few more balls than this being dropped in the course of the game!

Odds: The odds for an individual in winning a blackout game are higher than standard games, since so many numbers need to be called. Chances are that the person next to you will get the blackout before you do.

Prizes: Of course, the upside of bad odds in gambling is always that the prize is bigger, and blackout bingo games are no exception. The big pot is a good draw for a lot of players.

Blackout bingo is often used as the end game in a combination bingo game. For example, you may play 4 corner bingo first, followed by standard, and then everyone has a shot to win by marking off all their numbers in blackout. If you like to sit and play for a while, then blackout bingo is the right version for you.

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