Bingo Supplies

Bingo Supplies Necessary To Play The Game

You needs as far as bingo supplies will depend on whether you have a bingo business or are just planning a fun night of bingo as a fundraiser, and what level of pomp you want to put into the event. The type of bingo business being run will also mean a big difference in the supplies used; a big bingo hall will need a lot of high end supplies, while an online bingo site will need none of the traditional supplies at all.

Of course, online sites will need supplies that are much more complex. Here’s a look at some supplies that are critical to a brick and mortar bingo game.

The cards. Bingo cards are known to the pros as “tickets”. There are different cards depending on the variation of bingo being played; 75 ball bingo is played on 5×5 cards, while 90 ball bingo is played using 9×3 cards.

Cards for pre called games and some progressive games are sealed. They are purchased by the players with a covering that is broken by the player. For other types of game, players are able to look over the cards before they decide to buy them. These cards may be purchased by players individually or in packages.

Markers: Markers are the most varied bingo supplies. Smaller games such as those used for charity fundraisers may use simple markers such as chips. The disadvantage to chips is that they are unstable and a player may believe they have won when actually someone bumped the table and slid their marker.

A much more common and practical supply is the dauber. Daubers are just rubber stamps. They mark off a square when the number is called.

Numbers: You can’t forget the caller’s ability to select random numbers in your supply purchases. For smaller games, an ice cream bucket with the numbers 1-75 (or 1-90 for 90 ball) will do fine. Bigger games in which the show is part of the fun will often use blowers to mix the balls up inside and drop them when the air is shut off.

For some people, having the right bingo supplies is a part of their overall gambling strategy. Down through bingo history, Just as professional athletes have superstitions before a game, so too do a lot of bingo players have certain rituals they feel they should follow in order to win, and supplies are a big part of it. For the person holding a game of bingo, though, the three areas listed above are the only real bingo essentials as far as equipment.

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