Bingo Games | The Different Types

Bingo Games & The Different Variations

Bingo is probably one of the first games that you ever learned, and it’s likely that it is the only game that you started to play in your earlier years that you still have an interest in today. Bingo’s versatility is one of the reasons for its longstanding popularity, and that versatility has been incorporated into all sorts of venues where bingo is played, from brick and mortar halls to internet sites. Here’s a look at some different types of bingo.

75 ball bingo:

The granddaddy of bingo games in North America, this is the one that you are familiar with from your childhood. 75 ball bingo is used to teach math skills and concepts as well as for a little recreational fun as adults. It’s played using a 5×5 card, and the highest number on the card is 75.

Regular bingo games are won by making a line horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, but there are many variations, some of which are discussed below.

90 ball bingo:

Outside of North America, 90 ball bingo is the most popular version of the game. There is more than one prize to be gained in each 90 ball bingo game, although the prizes will typically be smaller than in 75 ball. The cards have nine columns and three rows, with each row containing the numbers 1 through 90. The rest of the spaces are blank, and there is no free space!

Bingo Game Variations: There are several variations on the standard 75 ball game.

In blackout bingo, a player has to have all of the numbers on a card marked off in order to win.

In 4 corner bingo, a player only needs four numbers called, but these have to be the numbers in the corner of the card.

Another way to provide variations in bingo is to mix up the prizes awarded.

Combination bingo is a game where there is more than one winner in one game; once the vertical line is bingoed by someone, players may then play 4 corner bingo, and so on.

In a progressive bingo game, if there is not a winner within a set amount of calls, the game is over and the prize money carried forward to the next game.

Bonus games are played :on the side” and are usually purchased for some extra money.

Finally, there are pre-called bingo games which are played with sealed cards. In these games, the numbers are set ahead of time.

Odd-even bingo games are one variation, in which the first number dropped determines whether the game will have odd or even numbers called.

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