Bingo Essentials

The Essentials of Bingo

Part of the fun in bingo games is the social aspect of getting together in friendly competition with other players. Among the most important bingo essentials are rules which govern the way an individual acts during a bingo game. Sometimes these rules are posted in bingo halls and sometimes they are not, but regardless these rules are for the most part common courtesies when you’re playing a game.

    • Don’t alter a bingo card. This is really so obvious that it shouldn’t have to be said, but there always seems to be someone who gives into the temptation to make the little mark that can change a 19 into an 18 or other such foolishness. Don’t do it, it’s easily detected, and it is most definitely cheating. Halls don’t have patience for this kind of thing and you will probably be prosecuted.
    • Believe it or not, you can’t just sit down anywhere. Officially, you can, but if you are new to the hall you don’t want to be caught sitting in a seasoned player’s lucky seat if they are in to play that night. Superstitions might not be among the bingo essentials that win you games, but once you have been playing for a while you’ll understand how important perceptions of luck are.
    • Remember, there is someone who is being paid to call the numbers. You don’t have to repeat every time a ball is called. It might help you to concentrate, but for the people around you it is incredibly distracting. Worse, it might make them miss the next number called.
    • It can be frustrating when you can’t seem to win, but it really isn’t anyone’s fault. Don’t start getting rude with people, including hall employees, if it just isn’t your night. If you really start to feel the tension just take a break.
    • Avoid false bingos! It’s really annoying when someone interrupts the game and it turns out that they don’t really have a bingo after all. Strangely, the same people seem to call out bingo and be wrong over and over. If you’re one of them, either stay home or be a bit more careful keeping track on your card.

Etiquette is truly one of the bingo essentials that people who are new to the game have to learn. Using common courtesy will mean that people are inclined to be friendly to you and to be more helpful, offering you tips and even teaching you how to play bingo their way.
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