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Following are some resources for 90 number bingo games. 90 ball bingo is the European alternative to standard North American 75 ball bingo. In fact, this version of the game is the most popular version in the world, as it is played most often everywhere but in North America. 90 ball bingo is also called “housie” or 90 number bingo; here’s a look at some of the game basics.

The cards: In the 90 ball version, the bingo cards (tickets) are arranged in three rows and nine columns. This is different than 75 ball, which is played on cards arranged in five rows and five columns. In each row there are five squares, and there is no free square.

The numbers: 90 ball bingo cards are arranged with the numbers 1 through to 90. The trick is, there are only 15 numbers on each card (five numbers in each row). The other spaces on the card are left empty. As with 75 number bingo, 90 ball has pre-set numbers for each column; 1-10 in the first column and so on.

Winning: Every game of 90 number bingo offers a player multiple chances to win. Wins occur in stages. Once one winner is named in the first stage, the players start the second stage, right up until the final stage. The first stage is the one line win, in which a player needs to mark a complete line across a card.

Two lines is the second stage, where two horizontal lines need to be marked to win. Finally, the full house round (from which the name housie comes from) is won by marking all of the numbers on a card. Full house is similar to the blackout version of 75 ball bingo.

Prizes: Prizes for 90 ball bingo will typically be lower than that for 75 ball bingo because of the multiple winners in each game. Sites and halls don’t want to be handing out enormous pots three times every game, so the losses are calculated accordingly.

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