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How The 75 Number Bingo Game Is Played

75 number bingo gamesFollowing are some resources for 75 number bingo games. The most popular version of bingo in North America is 75 ball bingo. This variation of the game is probably the one that you are most familiar with from school fun days and even lesson growing up, and it’s the one that is most common in bingo halls and online sites in the United States and Canada. Here’s a few basics about this variation (also called 75 number bingo).

The cards: The bingo playing surface is generally known to the public as cards, but they are also called tickets by proprietors. 75 number bingo is played on cards that are arranged in five columns and five rows, with a free space in the middle.

The numbers: 75 ball bingo gets its name from the fact that the highest number on the ticket (and therefore in the blower) is 75. The letters BINGO are placed at the top of each column, and numbers are called according to the combination of letter and number that is put out by a blowing machine. Numbers 1 to 15 are in the B column, 16-30 in I, 31-45 in N (which only has 4 numbers in games with a free space), 46-60 in  and 61-75 in O.

Winning: 75 number bingo probably has more variations than its 90 ball counterpart. In the standard game, a player can win by having numbers on their card called and stamped in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. Alternative versions award wins to players who make an X on their card, stamp all four corners, or stamp every space on their card (blackout bingo).

Prizes: The prizes awarded in 75 number bingo are generally larger than those in 90 ball bingo as a standard part of 90 ball bingo is the awarding of multiple prizes in each game. House rules will usually give bigger prizes in games with fewer wins.

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