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4 corner bingoBingo players who are fairly confident in their luck might want to try their hands at 4 corners bingo. This is a variation on the standard 75 ball bingo game, one which spices up the action at bingo halls and online casinos all over North America. Here are some of the variation’s essentials.

The object: What’s in a name? In the case of the four corner bingo variation, the name pretty much explains the game. Bingo cards are arranged in vertical and horizontal lines (columns and rows) of 5×5 in the 75 ball version. This makes a square, and in four corners you have to mark off each corner of the square in order to win. That means you only need four numbers called, but these numbers can only be at the top and bottom of the B column and the top and bottom of the O column.

Time frame: The time frame needed to play 4 corners bingo is hard to predict. On the one hand, a very lucky player may get all four numbers called quickly, but on the other hand it may take quite a few balls to drop before anyone calls out. It’s usually faster than blackout, but not always.

Odds: The odds at a win in four corner bingo are very low. You have to have the perfect arrangement on your card in order to win.

Prizes: The standard rule of low odds, high payout applies to most bingo games, but not four corner. The standard arrangement of numbers in columns means that with a lot of people playing, there are more chances at a game with multiple winners. If you don’t have to split the pot you’re in for a big pay day, but watch out for large games!

It’s important when you are playing 4 corners bingo that you remember the type of game you are playing. If you’re in a combination game, 4 corners will be the first variation played. Don’t forget to mark off all the numbers called, just as you would in regular bingo games, even though you’re only looking for four.

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