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Welcome to our bingo games site. Unlike the bingo games played at your local bingo hall or community centre our online bingo games can be played online. The balls or numbers used in our bingo games are results of a random number generator as opposed to the bingo blowers that bingo halls use. Other than this difference, every other facet of the game is exactly the same. Believe it or not, online bingo is a multi billion dollar business. This means, for a fee, you could take home a jackpot. One notable feature of online bingo is the chat functionality. Successful online bingo sites like to offer their customers a sense of community and interaction between players.

Are you ready to join the fun and play bingo games online for cash prizes? Or if you so choose you can play free bingo games! Here at bingogamessite.com we’re dedicated to offering top quality bingo in every facet of your experience. We offer dynamic games of 75 number bingo and also 90 number bingo as well as free bingo games where you can practise your skills at winning. We also offer online bingo via our free bingo software from the various providers that are proven and trusted with secure, safe games. Your security and privacy are guaranteed if you choose to play bingo online via our suggestions.

You may want to choose your favorite option by checking our bingo games styles or trying our free bingo software. Its a free download and balls (no pun intended) of fun!

Also, be sure and check the latest bingo news and whats happening in our World. You can read our bingo articles, research our bingo trivia and even read about the history of bingo and its origin. For those of you who are new to bingogamessite.com be sure and visit our page dedicated to bingo essentials for information on this exciting and popular game.

Discover the live bingo and online bingo differences

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Free Online Bingo Software And Games

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by Mary Weber

free online bingo software and gamesFree online bingo software for bingo games are a great way for players to learn how to play online bingo without having to worry about paying for cash. While these games are free, many offer bonuses, cash prizes and benefits for playing. Free online bingo games offer players a fun experience, and a chance to play bingo and participate in online chat as well.

Prizes are usually given out in credits called FunBucks, which are simply bonus credits that allow them to earn points or buy online bingo cards. Some games have special cash prizes to be won in addition to bonus credits.

There are a multitude of free online bingo games on the market. While there are reputable and secure options, some of these games may be less reliable however. In looking for a reputable free online bingo game, player testimonials are a good way to gauge the quality and usability of the site. Check out a few sites before registering for an account at any of them, the first couple of times you visit sites should be spent looking for testimonials from players, the games rules and policies, any potential hidden costs, added benefits for players, special offers, opportunities to earn real money and also the sites privacy policy. These factors should indicate the overall quality of the site.

One of the best free online games is BingoTourney, the ‘Internet’s Biggest Free Bingo experience.’

BingoTourney is a free online bingo game offering players a secure, friendly environment to play and learn the art of the game. Registration is free, and the are no deposit costs involved. 5,000 FunBucks are given to players every month, which are exchanged for bingo cards. Players are able to get additional free cards at any time.

Players who have accumulated the most points overall during each month can win cash prizes. These prizes are awarded to the Top 5 Players at the end of every month.

Players can choose between playing using the Emerald Lounge and the Sapphire Lounge game screens. Game screens in the Emerald Lounge include the Playtime theme and the Happy Candy theme. In the Sapphire Lounge, players can choose between the Ocean of Dreams theme and the Gold Dollar theme. The graphics are fresh and colorful, and the games themselves are easy to use and easy to load.

Notable features include software that doesn’t have to be downloaded, fun Flash graphics, cool chat features and chat sounds, Schedule Buy options and much more.

Mary Weber has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. She has written many informative and original articles for the website Online-Bingo.net including: free online bingo games.

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